Outline for doing a Getting Started Webinar.

The Organizer should open the room up 30 minutes prior to the meeting starting and the Panelists should show up at least 15 minutes early to do a sound and screen share check.

To go to the Follow-up Getting Started presentation go to: http://iclubbiztv.com/fu-webinar.html

The Organizer should share pre-meeting slide: as soon as the room is open

Set Zoom to share computer sound

Play background music on a low level during the pre-meeting. CLICK HERE for Selection #1 or CLICK HERE for Selection #2 of music stream for background music.
(Make sure you open your volume mixer and turn the volume down for the background music to a low level.)

We always start right on time.
At the start time, the Organizer will start the recoring and then transfer screen share to the Host

The Host will have the Welcome Slide queued up

The Host will click on the Go To... link on the top right to go to the next slide and then just read the content on the slide until the Host gets to the Jeff's Intro Video.

Play Jeff's Intro video and when it is done, click the Got To Host Part 3

Total Meeting Time - 15 minutes
(If we can keep to the guidelines)

The end result of this presentation is to get people to the next meeting.

BAM FAM (Book A Meeting From A Meeting)